An Integrated Team of Accounting Experts

去Sensiba San Filippo, knowledge is the effective and appropriate application of experience, 培训, 和直觉. 我们建立它, 使用它, 分享它, 并最终, help you benefit from it by tailoring our knowledge from all relevant disciplines within the firm to your company’s needs. 在今天的市场, only a business armed with current, relevant and multi-faceted financial knowledge can make the critical decisions that will determine whether it succumbs, 幸存了下来, 或成功. SSF will help you obtain that knowledge.

To bring you the most effective, 可用的知识, our service teams are organized into industry — and specialty — focused groups. Each group is tasked with not only knowing the economic, regulatory and environmental factors affecting the industries we serve, but in applying this knowledge to you in a timely manner.

Our focused and integrated service team efforts provide the value your business deserves and the knowledge your business needs to succeed in today’s changing marketplace.

审计、咨询 & 审查

We focus on providing businesses with personalized audit and advisory services, 合规和报告.


We will help you assess and strengthen the quality of the information you use to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to your business problems, and evaluate your company’s financial performance.


税收筹划 & 合规

Whether you’re filing taxes as an individual or as a business, no one wants to pay more than they have to.

税 Strategies To Fit Your Needs

在社保基金, we create holistic tax strategies tailored to meet the financial goals and individual circumstances of our clients. Our approach is aimed at maximizing wealth while eliminating the element of surprise.



There are countless intricacies that go into running a business, and we understand that sometimes it becomes necessary to look for outside help.


Whether you’re a small business owner looking for more strategic planning, preparing your company for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), or considering a merger or acquisition, our trusted advisors are ready to help you reach your goals.




We have been working with SSF for about 18 years, they handle our Corporate 税 Returns and year and 审计s. I have enjoyed working with Patti, if ever I have any questions or concerns at all she is right there to help. Justin who has been doing our year end audits has been great to work with, 他很有知识, 专业和友好. SSF拥有一支令人难以置信的团队. 我强烈推荐他们.

黛比C., 尽,

Our experience with Sensiba has been very positive.

We have been using Sensiba for a long time. 这是很好的. I’ve been here almost 6 years and since I started working here we’ve always used Sensiba. They’re very sharp, and very knowledgeable. Any time I need to talk to someone about accounting I go to them. 我向他们寻求帮助.

鲁迪年代. , ,而CA

Highly professional, competent, and just great people with whom to do business.

We have been with Sensiba San Filippo for about 18 years, 一路走来的每一步, they have positioned us with good advice, 指导, and the right protocols needed to move forward. The people in their tax department are great assets to the company, who pay attention to details and keep us in a position to remain compliant with the government.

乔Haggarty, 库比蒂诺,


Sensiba San Filippo have been our auditors the last two years, and are very helpful and positive to work with. 他们很容易交谈.

鲁迪,我., 加利福尼亚州亨廷顿海滩

A great experience and problems solved

Santos was patient and professional in helping me file a number of years of back returns. I live in Australia and was worried about the gaps in my paperwork. He explained the process carefully, was specific about what he needed from me and followed up in a timely manner. He was highly responsive to email and when I needed to speak to him, made himself available late his evening/during my morning which was also extremely helpful.

乔西T., 来自墨尔本

Efficient, thorough, and there for us.

We’ve been with Sensiba San Filippo, oh, for probably 20 years. They’ve been great, which is why we stay with them obviously. They have done all our books for quite some time. They’re efficient, thorough, and they’re always there when we have questions. They are very personal too, and they make a point to come meet with my staff and I. I never have any problems with them or the taxes, and we have been audited at random before.

Charise G. , 坎贝尔,CA