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At Sensiba San Filippo, we focus on providing businesses with personalized audit and assurance services designed to enhance strategic planning and ease the stress of compliance and reporting. We will help you assess and strengthen the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to your business problems, and evaluate your company’s financial performance. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to make your audit process smooth, approachable and suited to your business structure.

Why Choose SSF For Your Audit?

Every business is unique, and that means you’re not just another item on our checklist. We get to know our clients, understand their business and ultimately offer insight and proactive guidance on a personalized level. Each engagement team is handpicked to fit your needs and industry, and our low turnover rate means that you will have a consistent team year after year. Our teams are highly knowledgeable and specialized in particular industries, however, our audit staff also participate in various trainings throughout the year to understand the interconnectedness in all industries. We love our jobs, and that shows in the way we interact with clients, approach issues and stand behind our assurance work product far beyond the date of completion.

Other Types of Assurance Services

While audits are undoubtedly valuable, a financial audit isn’t the only solution. When the level of desired assurance does not require a full audit, a review, compilation or agreed upon procedures engagement may provide a simpler and more effective solution.

Our assurance services include:

  • Review
  • Compilations
  • Agreed Upon Procedures

Reviews are less extensive and provide the next level of assurance below an audit. Businesses in their first year of operation or businesses that are winding down operations can benefit greatly from a review. Reviews typically take less time and cost less than financial audits. While banks often initially request or require an audit, they may be willing to accept a review instead.

Compilations can provide value in the right circumstance. While they do not provide any assurance, they can be very useful when businesses need to organize and standardize financial reports for internal use. Compilations also can be accepted by banks when seeking smaller loans.

Agreed Upon Procedures engagements are designed to provide a report of findings based on specific procedures performed over specified information. When a need for reporting is limited to specific information or transactions, Agreed Upon Procedures can cover critical reporting topics.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

Very good.

Sensiba San Filippo does our 401K audits every year. I have been working closely with Brandon with no issues, everything runs really smoothly. Our company has been with Sensiba San Filippo for 3-5 years, it has been a good experience. I just give them the stuff, he emails me what he needs and it’s really easy. I have been through this process with other auditing companies and it’s not always as easy as how Sensiba San Filippo makes it.

Raynette D., Morgan Hill, CA

A very good experience.

I have had a very good experience with Sensiba San Filippo. We have been with them for quite some time; I want to say maybe 15 years. They are always very responsive and professional.

They do our year-end financial reviews and assist us with financial accounting questions we have. They also do our annual tax returns and consult with us during any special situations.

Jo M. , Dealey, Renton and Associates

Overall great experience working with Sensiba for many years.

We’ve been working with Sensiba since before they were Sensiba. We’ve built a great relationship with all of the auditors. We trust their expertise in helping us reconcile our books. What really matters is the relationship we’ve built through the years. I am relatively new, I started working with them 5 years ago.

The members of team are great, it’s nice to have the same team yearly. Knowing that, we have confidence in their team to help us with audits.

They are phenomenal. They help us understand more about our books and what we would need to improve on to make things go smoother next year.

Judy B., Palo Alto, CA

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