Sensiba San Filippo’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Sensiba San Filippo (SSF) welcomes and celebrates all people. We honor each individual and what they bring to the table. As a firm, we are against all forms of racism and discrimination. SSF is a better firm for all of its members when we encourage input and participation from people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and opinions.

We continually strive to recognize where we can be better and do more as a firm. We also understand that there is still work to be done within our organization and the accounting industry to address diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and unconscious bias.

Sensiba San Filippo is committed to taking action in the following ways. We will:

  • Listen, and hold a safe space for our employees to create a dialogue about diversity, discrimination and equality in all its forms so that we can learn from each other and address issues in a collaborative way.
  • Use our platforms to lift up voices of all backgrounds and provide ongoing education on DEI and unconscious bias.
  • Seek out actions and implement initiatives to improve diversity within our organization and industry.
  • Educate and promote accounting as a profession to all audiences.
  • Foster a community of acceptance and welcome people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas.
  • Create content and education opportunities that will help employees not only do their own internal work around race and biases, but provide ways to continue to address DEI in their own families and communities.